Hello friends!
We are Una Daxter and Ainara Weisser, owners of Una & Luas store. We build clothes for fantasy and gorean RP, but you can use our outfits for wander in SL too.

We have different sections in our mainstore:
- Panther: clothes for Gorean Panthers or Na´vi. You can use them for Pandora Roleplay too.
- Slave: customes for Gorean & Bdsm slaves, and bondmaids. Camisks, silks, kirtles...
- Free woman: free women gowns, outfits for pirate, outlaw, she urts..
- Men: we have some outfits for warriors and different gorean castes.
- Accesories: bags, belts, boots, sandals, backpacks, jewelry..etc
- Avatar components: very cheap skins, shapes, make ups & eyes
- Textures: you can visit our textures section to buy full perms textures to you own creations
- Furniture: really cheap furniture to decorate your home, garden, tavern, gorean sim or what you want.
- OUTLET: at second floor you will find lot of outfits out of season in really cheap prices. For free woman, kajira and panther

Don´t forget to visit our mainstore to beneficiate about our discounts. We have lucky pannels, MM´s pannels and lots of free items. To check it, click in HOME and visit us!
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